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Search Fifth Judicial District Court - Chaves County Records Online

Court Name:
Fifth Judicial District Court - Chaves County
Court Type:
District Court
Street Address:
400 N. Virginia Ave.
Zip Code:
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Hon. James M. Hudson
Clerk Phone:
Clerk Fax:
There is no parking at the courthouse itself (except for handicapped individuals with proper documentation). You cannot park at any businesses or private residences. Most businesses and residential homeowners will tow your vehicle. The Court will not be responsible if your vehicle is towed.
The following items shall not be brought into the building: firearms, knives (including small pocket knives), scissors or anything with a cutting edge, no tools, any type of spray, no drugs or drug paraphernalia, or any other item identified as a weapon by the security personnel. No photographic or audio-visual equipment of any type including cameras, video or audio recorders or players are allowed without prior court approval. All cell phones must be turned off before entering a courtroom. House shoes and shower shoes are not permitted. Sandals are permitted. Flip flops are not allowed in the courtrooms. No person shall wear shorts, tank tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, sweat pants, or anything exposing the midriffs or underwear. No person shall wear clothing that displays gang symbols. Hats, ball caps and sunglasses shall be removed upon entry into the Courthouse. No pets are allowed in the Courthouse (exception: dogs assisting vision or medically impaired individuals). Individuals are not permitted to enter the courtroom with food or drink. Parties should refrain from chewing gum while their case is being litigated. Use of tobacco and E-Cigarette products are prohibited inside the Courthouse.
Forms and Filing:
Special Access:
Handicapped parking is available in front of the courthouse.
Jury Service:
About Additional Info:
The Fifth Judicial District Court was organized in 1889 and consisted of the counties of Socorro and Lincoln. Chaves, Eddy and Lea Counties had not been created then and were part of Lincoln County. In 1889, Chaves and Eddy Counties were created. They were to remain part of Lincoln County until January 1, 1891, and be attached to the Third Judicial District. However, an Act of Congress approved July 10, 1890, created five judicial districts in the Territory of New Mexico. The Counties of Socorro, Lincoln, Chaves and Eddy constituted the Fifth Judicial District. In 1903, Roosevelt County was created and attached to the Fifth Judicial District.
Fifth Judicial District Court - Chaves County
400 N. Virginia Ave., 88201, Roswell, New Mexico